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Why Your Financial Advisor Won’t Recommend Physical Precious Metals

Has your financial advisor ever suggested that you purchase physical precious metals as part of a strategy to diversify your savings? In all likelihood, they have not. And, unless you ask them directly about physical gold or silver, they will probably never even raise the topic. 

Diversification is one of the most fundamental strategies for protecting your savings. So then what do most financial advisors have against physical precious metals? The short answer is simple: In almost all cases, they cannot make commissions or fees from such a transaction. Instead, your savings would move out of the funds they currently manage for you – perhaps forever. Don’t expect your financial advisor to recommend any purchases that don’t benefit them. (It’s for this same reason that they wouldn’t suggest a fund from a rival brokerage.)

Additionally, financial advisors are only licensed and trained to sell paper assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, cash and bonds. As discussed on the prior page, there are some “paper” versions of precious metals that they may try to sell you as an alternative, but just as with any paper asset, these are simply promises printed on a piece of paper. 

It’s also critical to remember that for the most part, financial advisors don’t understand or follow the precious metals market. They usually don’t know how to sell physical gold and silver and likely can’t advise you on all the options available for your purchase, let alone how various products differ from one another.

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Finally, financial advisors generally only subscribe to one point of view on the economy. Think about it: Did they warn you before the market crash in 2008-09 to get out of equities? For most people, that advance notice never came. That’s because it’s in the best interest of financial advisors to promote a rising stock market – even in the face of a market correction – so they generally promote investments to you based on this forever-optimistic worldview.


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