Birch Gold Group 2021 Information Kit

Birch Gold Group
2021 Information Kit

How Do I Get Started?

If you have decided that the time has come to take your financial future in your hands, then don’t delay. Get started in securing your future and the future of those you love by diversifying into precious metals — it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Contact us: Since you’re reading this info kit, congratulations! You have already completed this first step and have had at least an initial conversation with your Precious Metals Specialist. Your Specialist will be there to help you through every step of the process.


Consider your options: Every person has unique financial goals, so your Specialist will carefully listen to your goals and needs. Then, they will explain your options, so that you can decide which metals best fit your objectives.


Place your order: Once you have selected the best precious metals for you – be it some beautiful Gold American Eagles or Silver Twin Maples – and arranged for payment, your metals will either be shipped to you or your selected IRA depository.

Current Promotions
To see if you can qualify for any of these specials, talk to your Precious Metals Specialist.

All offers apply to new purchases of a qualified type and amount of precious metals. Each may expire at any time, and cannot be combined  with any other offer. Not all purchases will qualify. For more details, speak to your Precious Metals Specialist.

“My advice to my clients is, ‘Don’t wait.’ You know, don’t be part of the herd. Buy before the herd and don’t worry if somebody gets a better deal than you. It doesn’t matter if the price goes down a little bit before it skyrockets. Ultimately, the prices are going sky high…”

–Financial Commentator Peter Schiff,

in an exclusive interview with Birch Gold Group

Remember, with Birch Gold Group you can place your gold or silver inside an IRA or receive a physical delivery. To ensure that your future is golden, call us today at (800) 355-2116.


DISCLAIMER: The decision to purchase or sell precious metals, and which precious metals to purchase or sell, is ultimately your decision alone. Purchase and/or sale decisions are highly individual and must be a function of each customer’s individual financial situation, goals and risk tolerance. Birch Gold Group is not a financial planner, investment advisor or retirement specialist. Birch Gold Group is not responsible for your decision to purchase or sell precious metals, or the timing or results of any such act (or failure to act). Any and all assistance Birch Gold Group may offer or provide does not create a fiduciary relationship between you and Birch Gold Group. Any and all purchases and sales are made subject to your own research, prudence and judgment. Birch Gold Group does not provide tax, investment, financial planning, retirement-specific or legal advisory services and no one associated with Birch Gold Group is authorized to render any such advice or service. Birch Gold Group is not responsible for any consequences of you purchasing precious metals for IRAs, trusts or other persons or entities, or for any changes in the laws relating to such purchases or sales. Any written or oral statements by Birch Gold Group, its principals, agents or representatives relating to future events constitute opinions only, and are not representations of fact.